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Vanquishing the Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy. We’ve all felt it. Don’t pretend that you’re immune. In this age of social media, it’s so easy to feel less than, or lagging behind others. After all, you can keep tabs on everyone in your life-- your best friends, your college roommates, that one person you met one time at that place, or your cousin’s ex-fiance… And you can compare your life to theirs. Especially when their pictures and posts are full of things you want.  It’s human nature to feel jealous, but it … [See More]


Time Management

The Never-Ending Grind (and How to Outsmart It!)

You quit the rat race. You started your own company. You knew that you’d be making a lifestyle change-- and that you’d be working harder than you ever have-- so why do you feel so … [see more]


What to Do When There’s No FREEdom in Freelancing

You’ve made the big move. You are finally on your own. Working for yourself has been a goal of yours for quite some time and you’ve finally made it. (Way to go!) But wait. There’s … [see more]

The Ultimate Sacrifice - Losing Yourself

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to speak with women who are struggling with feeling like they’ve lost themselves. They feel as if they are standing in the back stage of their … [see more]

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