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6 Pinterest Faux Pas...

Are You GUILTY of These 6 Pinterest Faux Pas?

From the way some people act, good sense and politeness are dead. Let me assure you: they aren’t. Not in real life… and not on the internet. It can be hard to remember at times since you don’t see them, but behind EVERY screen is a real human being. Someone who is looking at what you’re pinning, what you’re making, and the successes you’re having. They’re a potential supporter, client, and customer. And you DO NOT want to annoy them. Now, you know that I believe rules … [See More]



No More Teacher, No More Books?

No more Teacher, No more books, No more Teacher’s dirty looks! Remember this little rhyme from the last day of school? If you’re like me, you probably felt a lot of relief … [see more]


Do You Have a Tribe?

Being an entrepreneur is HARD work. If you already are one—you’re nodding your head with me. If you’re not yet, just wait—you’ll see. Owning your own business is something that the … [see more]


Is Your Attitude Wrecking Your Bottom Line? 

Do you wake up on the wrong side of the bed… every morning? (Can you even FIND the right side of your bed?) Do you see things much more negatively than positively? When you think … [see more]

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