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Spring Clean Your Pinterest Profile

You’ve dusted the baseboards, changed your curtains to an airy, lighter fabric… you’ve even dusted the ceiling fans. Now you can sit back, relax, and let the spring air fill your home. Go ahead, your work is done. WAIT! Not quite. Have you taken a second to revamp your Pinterest profile? Yes, they get dull, you know! You’re gonna need something fresh, something light, something that says “spring is here!” With social media, it’s easy to forget to keep things fresh … [See More]



Learning How To Fail Forward

You blew it. You messed up. Nothing is as it “should” be! And now, you’re pissed about it. You gave it your all. You put your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into this thing … [see more]

Woman Dreams Happy

Be the Woman of Your Dreams

When was the last time you made YOU happy? So often we focus on the people around us. We worry about pleasing our mates, making sure our boss is satisfied, making our kids … [see more]

Shift Hits Fan

When the Shift Hits The Fan

Have you ever asked for, prayed for, meditated on something and found yourself in a whirlwind thereafter? It literally feels like the total opposite of what you’ve been asking … [see more]

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