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Losing My Religion

Religion can be a beautiful thing when done in alignment with Love. Because, God is love. And lately I don't see or feel the love. I'm thinking is this what I signed up for? Being a Christian who loves God and loves Jesus as much as I do I'll admit, I almost walked away from Christianity on several occasions. Mainly because it didn't feel good inside anymore. And everywhere I turn loud messages focusing on sin (my own and others), shortcomings, misdeeds, falling short, … [See More]



In The Morning, When I Rise

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a lover of books. Not just any old books but books that teach me something. Books that speak to my soul. Books that help me to evolve. Both … [see more]

Learning as I Grow

Do We Really Need To Apologize For Christians?

        Do we really need to apologize on behalf of all Christians? Random thought...when I see the way that some Christians treat others it … [see more]


Facebook Lets You Turn Your Profile Pic Into a 7 Second Video

So Facebook released a few new features today. I’m still on the fence with the biggest change but I’ll let you judge for yourself. While they aren't fully available to everyone, … [see more]

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