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Woman Dreams Happy

Be the Woman of Your Dreams

  When was the last time you made YOU happy? So often we focus on the people around us. We worry about pleasing our mates, making sure our boss is satisfied, making our kids happy, etc. Sometimes, it feels like this is all there is to life... we live for every one around us. But there’s a quiet voice inside that says, “Girl, what are you doing?” and “What about YOU?” As soon as she bubbles up, we push her back down. This is a mistake that we simply cannot … [See More]


Shift Hits Fan

When the Shift Hits The Fan

Have you ever asked for, prayed for, meditated on something and found yourself in a whirlwind thereafter? It literally feels like the total opposite of what you’ve been asking … [see more]


Do You Have an Interest in Pinterest?

Are you on Pinterest? Not just for the sake of spending money… but for making money. Have you ever wondered how people are making money on the site? You know— ordinary women like … [see more]

Laid Off Now What

Laid Off: Now What?

Been laid off from your job? Are you distraught… or relieved? Before you get to wondering, “Is she insane? I’ve got a family to provide for—of course I’m distraught!” A layoff … [see more]

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