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Never Knew Love Like This Before…

(Random thoughts after reading through old journals) His weakness? Women who give minimum effort and demand maximum results. Sounds crazy I know, but I guess it's just his thing. I think it's the pursuit of the chase. These women always leave him trying to figure out just how he can "conquer them". They all carry the same energy, "What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine." They strive to make withdraws and no real deposits. It's a sad thing to witness. But who am I to … [See More]


Dance With My Father Again….

This conversation took place months before my dad past away January 2004. I will always remember every word he spoke during that talk. He raised me to be strong. Maybe a bit too … [see more]

My Dear, their rejection isn’t about you…

If you're not there yet then it's not love (outside) that you should be looking for. It's you that you need to discover. You must discover your own worth before you can … [see more]

Losing My Religion

Religion can be a beautiful thing when done in alignment with Love. Because, God is love. And lately I don't see or feel the love. I'm thinking is this what I signed up for? … [see more]

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