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Another Love TKO

From my upcoming book which is a series of short stories and the lessons that my experiences have brought me.   "One Day the Heavens Opened Up...” My Story of  Self Love , Survival, Thriving and Faith Chapter 22- Another Love TKO I couldn’t have been cut any deeper if he’d had used a carving knife. So there I was, on the floor of my closet crying my eyes out. As hard as I tried to make it a silent cry, there was nothing I could do to hold it in. I was wailing … [See More]



Do it For the Cause. Not For the Applause.

I once had a person I considered a dear friend. For the most part I played the role of cheerleader. I saw greatness in this person and wouldn't let up until they saw it for … [see more]


Trust the Process

When you ask for your life to be used for a greater purpose than just your own desires; you open yourself up to even greater challenges than normal. Trust me, I know. My life … [see more]

You Can Do This

You Can Do This

Everyone needs a pep talk sometimes. A cheerleader on the sidelines. Someone to shake them when they feel like giving up.  And entrepreneurs need it too—maybe more than other … [see more]

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